Sunday, June 30, 2019

Turn the Page


Firstly, Jesus Christ would not break His own Commandments.  

Secondly, He will not tell you to do anything that will result in harm to yourself or others.

It is a myth that somehow the phrase "turn the other cheek" means to allow for more injury after a slap, because it would mean to allow for more harm to happen and it also goes against the do no harm doctrine.

An interesting interpretation from scholar Walter Wink, states that this phrase is a demand for equality.

He states that during the time of Jesus Christ, slapping someone with the back of the hand is an insult.  By turning the other cheek, you will force the person to strike with open hand as an equal, which the offender will not do because it defeats the whole purpose of the insult.

My original interpretation is to turn the page.  Let go of the slight.  Do not hold a grudge.  Walk away.  

It is also a matter of degree.  A slap is a slight.  We are not talking about abuse.

At no time does it mean to let someone hurt you or to not defend yourself if you have to. 

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