Sunday, June 2, 2019

To Receive or Not Receive That is the Question


You cannot get to the correct answers without first seeking and asking the right questions.

Keep in mind whatever the question, the answers follow the principles of physics and metaphysics or the foundations of Nature and Heaven (not upon grandiose fantasies).

In other words, seek, ask and explore the questions with discernment, not wishful thinking.

There are no loopholes in the Commandments laid out by the Lord.

Wrongdoers are constantly excusing themselves and imagining themselves forgiven when they are not.

Besides, the Lord's Commandments are not about forgiveness for wrongdoing, but about good conduct (goodwill) for gooddoing.

The question is not about the Lord's capacity for Love (or forgiveness), but the individual person's capacity to receive Love (or forgiveness).

For only you can determine and develope your capacity to receive or not receive the Lord's Love.

Thank You

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