Wednesday, June 19, 2019

If You Fail


Did you know that you must repent after you sin?

And did you know that the repentance and atonement process must be complete and full in order to receive forgiveness?

You and your actions are measured by the Lord and held to a standard set forth by the Lord (Lord's definition of Love, not by your understanding or lack of understanding of it).

Again, after applying the law of the prophets, the Golden Rule, you will have an inkling of the depth of your sins or your grace and deeds.

And if you fail and fall short of recognizing, confessing, repenting and atoning for your sins,  it is a safe bet that you will also fail to recognize Heaven's Rickety Gate.

Not only will salvation will not occur, but depending upon the severity of sins and the build up of over time of repeated sins unrepented, the possibility of purgatory will also not be available.

If what you did is something that you do not want done to you, the how much you would not like to see happen to you, is the clue to how severe the sin or crime against humanity.

If you have sinned, repent and atone while there is still time.

If you have not, there is always room to be a better person.

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