Tuesday, May 28, 2019



Do not let mean people get to you or bring you down.

Insecure people have a tendency to project and magnify their fears in hate and aggression.

These people cling to delusions in power and contol as if grandiosities are lifelines instead of false securities.

If you allow their disrespect and abuse of humanity and themselves to weaponize of your mind, heart and soul in hate and agression, you will never be able to receive love and grace.

In other words, do not turn into or stoop to their level of dishonor  and disgrace.

The real lifeline you should cling to is the Holy Spirit.

You can defend yourself, your honor, integrity and humanity without hate by standing for love, honor, integrity, decency and grace.

Respect yourself and let the Healing force of  the Holy Spirit guide you and heal your internal trauma or turmoil.

You might be surprised by what happens with that Lifeline and the creations inspired by the Connection.

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