Friday, May 17, 2019

Floral Remedy


What is the purpose of studying floral remedy?

When reading up on the topic,  I discovered that floral remedies addressed spiritual healing as well as other home remedies ranging from stress relief to sleep.

The floral remedy that stood out for my spiritual journey was "to observe your miracles objectively,  so you can learn from them and move on to other miracles". 

Which then I had to ask,  "Why must you and what happens when you do not?"

The deep spiritual question asked with each floral remedy helps you to examine where you are in the spiritual process and if you have ailments or deficiencies help you to remedy it to a spiritual well-being, whole and self- confident.

For my person, none of the other floral remedies jumped out, except the chestnut bud remedy. 

I encourage you to take a look at floral remedies and see if there are areas in which you would need to work on in order to realize your full lightness of being.

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