Friday, May 10, 2019

Are You In Danger?


Are you in danger, in danger of sin? 

You focus on predictors in the world, in order to identify dangers before they occur. 

But what if the danger is in you? 

There is a pervasive assumption that because the Lord is Love that all sins would be forgiven. 

If this is the case, there would be no Hell.  Satan would be in Heaven. 

If the dangers of sin, is about forgiveness or love of the Lord or the victim, Jesus would not have said, “I never know you” to the many that came to Him, on Judgement Day, claiming that they spoke the message of God, (in the name of Jesus) drove out many demons and performed many miracles.  
Only to have Jesus then say to them “get away, unholy people!” 

Why would Jesus say this to so many and how did they come to be unholy? 

Nothing in their statements of speaking the message of God, driving out demons and performing miracles are indicators of unholiness.  Moreover, the many do not appear to be nonbelievers.  Quite the opposite, but why then would Jesus say to them that they are unholy? 

When people fail to recognize sin, the dangers of sin, they (the Unholies) fail to defend against sin.   Sins then gain footholds within that person and are practiced by that person.

When people practice sinful behavior, they become unholy. 

By the time the many realize their unholiness on Judgement Day, they are denied by Jesus, barred from Heaven and ended up burning in Hell (as determined by their unholiness in unrepentant and unrecognized sins). 

How then to avoid this fate, to know the dangers of sin? 

Be honest. 

Practice empathy. 

Take the empathy test.  “Did you do for others what you would want them to do for you?” 

If not, how far was this difference from what Jesus would do? 

If it was far, then it was very unholy and sinful. 
Are you in danger, in danger of sins and therefore, of burning in Hell? 

If you are unholy and sinful, repent and atone while there is still time.

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