Friday, March 29, 2019

Priority Salvation


I had intended to delete all my posts today.     No, I will not explain.  

You may not deserve (the secrets of) salvation.

Salvation should be your first priority, but I find this is not so in practice. 

I am sad and disappointed that you failed to see the importance of honor, principles and good deeds in your salvation.  

The fact that you are complicit in your friend’s bad practices of abuse and abuse of power is a disgrace. 

Your friend is more interested in grandiose superpower and sins of the flesh than in salvation and honor. 

If you ever hope to stand for something, then you have to stand up to the grandiose abusers that do nothing but harm. 

If you ever hope to enter Heaven, then you have to be and do good, instead of just imagining it.  

I am upset that you of all people do not see or feel.  The scales of justice and the scales of grace have long fallen beyond acceptable measures. 

As a matter of principle, if you have used or will use any of my ideas or intellectual property, you must give fair payment, pay it forward, and be grateful for it. 

Instead, your friend is filled with sins of greed and slavery to take and steal from my person all the while failing to recognized that I belong to the Lord as are my ideas and my property.  I do not consent to bad practices or these improprieties, thefts and slavery. 

The fact that time and time again, you fail to act when you should to defend honor, freedom and decency is a great disappointment.  

If you want to have any hope of salvation, then start focusing on the substantive acts of salvation. 

Act with honor, principle and decency.

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