Friday, February 22, 2019

Heaven's Gate


Are you beyond reach?

The propaganda of imagined salvation by the Unholies and the pervasive perversion of the Truth to give themselves absolution without the redemption process is extremely troubling.

The abusers of innocents and Truth treat scripture as a weapon of manipulation to cover-up sins and their patterns of sinful behaviors resulting in crimes against humanity and serious injuries..

Unrepentant and defiant in the face of Damnation, these Unholies continue to groom co-conspirators into continuous abuses and complicity.

Let's call what is happening for what it is: corruption.

Now, just how wide is Heaven's Gate? 

And how easy is it to enter?

You first have to find the gate in order to enter.  And according the Jesus, those who are able to find it are few. 

It is going to be fewer still when people fail to see, to hear, to speak, to understand and to walk in the Truth. 

Will you be able to find Heaven's Gate? 

Will you be able to enter?



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