Sunday, February 17, 2019

Heaven's Example


When should people recognize the truth?

When should they uphold the truth?

The fact that I had to even ask, tells you the state of the church and society.

Are truths covered up, buried, perverted or even torched?

How do you address problems when it is never identified or recognized?

In many of our churches today, sexual predators run free and unchecked in sin, inappropriate behaviors and abuse of power .

It is rarely talked about.

What has been talked about covers only the tip of the iceberg.

The truth in many of these cases is covered up, buried, perverted and torched.  Ministers side with perpetrators, because they are groomed to do so or are themselves the perpetrators; and victims are silenced, vilified, retaliated against because of this truth.

When the Catholic priest Theodore McCarrick was defrocked for his sexual abuse against minors, I thought it was about time.

But it is utter hypocritical to think that the Catholic Church is the only denomination with this problem.

Churches and society should face the truth and deal with this problem.

Just as fallen angels were cast out of Heaven, priests or ministers committing grievous sins of child molestation, rape, sexual abuse or misconduct should be defrocked and held to account for their crimes.

We should follow Heaven's example.

Thank You

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