Friday, January 18, 2019

The Healing of the Lord


I do not know if you ever felt anguish.  The heart wrenching, soul gutting kind where the screams of pain cut so deep that it reverberates on and on. 

What I am describing is trauma.  Trauma to the heart and soul that lives in mind as nightmares, waking nightmares, horrors and terrors. 

Do you know what it is like to call out for help and no one answers? 

To be blamed for abuses and circumstances beyond your control? 

Do you know what it is like to have these patterns of abuse repeat itself over and over heaped upon 
you, endlessly inflecting trauma and pain? 

When no one answers, the Lord does in the voice deep inside to pick yourself up, to keep going, face the pain and stand. 

Do not blame the Lord for the crimes of men or women.  

The sinner or perpetrator must one day answer for his or her sins and crimes. 

The Lord answers in multitude of ways that heals the anguish and pain.  You only have to listen and receive the Gifts of healing. 

Listen and do what must be done. 

  Remember to honor and thank the fallen heroes that gave their lives for freedom and democracy.   May their sacrifices not be in vain.  Let...