Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Love the Lord


Worship no one, but the Lord.
Worship, to revere the divine, places to some level the object of our veneration or adoration up high, high on a pedestal.

When we love, we tend to hero worship.  We give attributes to the people we admire that they sometimes do not have. 

How do you know your favorite celebrity is the person portrayed?  
Do their accomplishments even rise to the level of a hero?  Ever to the level of the divine? 

Ever wonder if the Lord even require our worship? 

The Lord requires love, true love.

Not the love-worship that places love up high on a pedestal or shelf, but the kind of love that gives and places the other first; the deep, deep love from every fiber of our being (soul, mind and heart). 

How deep is your love? 

                                              (love for the Lord)

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