Friday, January 4, 2019



Your friend has been acting like he is a god, as if he needs to be worshiped (like a false idol), while he is treating people with disrespect, dishonor and disregard.

Now his lies and grandiose delusions are starting to be exposed.  Caught in some of his lies and crimes, he gives excuses, blames the victim and demands to be forgiven. 

And if the victim cannot forgive, then it is the victim who is bad and unchristian.
My question is:

Where is the ask?
            Shouldn’t he ask, instead of demand, to be forgiven?

Where is the sincerity?
            Shouldn’t he be honest and truthful in remorse?

Where is the repentance?
            Shouldn’t he actually be sorry for causing pain and harm, instead of sorry that he is caught? 

Where is the atonement? 
            Shouldn’t there be efforts to change the negative behaviors and to stop the patterns and practices of sin? 

Demanding that the victim do something to correct the negative behaviors, when the victim is not the perpetrator, when the victim did not do anything wrong, is not reasonable or even possible.  It is not the victim’s lies and crimes. 

At no time did the victim have effective control or any control over perpetrator’s actions and sins. 

Why then would it be the responsibility of the victim to correct the wrong(s)?  How would it even be possible? 

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