Saturday, January 12, 2019

No Defense or Offense


I heard through the grapevine that your best friend likes football.  It is a fun game. 

What type of strategy do you like best, defensive or offensive strategy? 

Some people feel strongly that having the best offense and developing a team around it, is the way to having a winning team.  Others feel it is defense that wins games. 

Whichever way you feel, I think it strange that some people do not think it necessary to defend against sin or even fight against sin. 

There is this myth going around that everyone is a sinner; therefore, people should accept sin as part of who they are.  When people accept this fallacy, automatically they are complicit to sin and do not defend against sin, let alone fight it. 

Even more disturbing, these people are accepting of sinful behavior in themselves and others; and when crimes are committed (often in the name of God), they turn away, often failing to be Good Samaritans as Jesus Christ states as necessary to be good (neighbors). 

When people conspire in and are complicit in sinful behaviors, who are they serving? 

By serving Satan in sin, these Unholies will end up hating the good and delighting in evil. 

What good will it be to win the game, if in life, you end up losing your soul by having no defense or offense against sin?

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