Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Evocative Hope


Hope, infinite hope, is something that must never be lost *.

Life can pummel you with endless disappointments, you can reach the depths of hell and heartbreak, pain upon suffering, suffering upon pain, swallowed you up in despair and misery, but you must never lose hope.

How? How to not lose it when in the mist of great disappointments and hell?

When I looked up the definition of hope, I was surprised to find it described as merely a desire, a desire for fulfillment or success.  It is listed as a wish, a want, but not as a need.

When something is a want and not a need, it implies that you can do without. 

Can you do without hope?

Is it a must to be fulfilled or successful? 

What does it mean (to be fulfilled or successful)?  

Having material possessions?  The image of a perfect family?  High powered job?  2.5 kids? 

Or having justice, fairness, kindness, love, equality, freedom…?

Of course, in life, you get to decide. 

You have a choice to choose what hope means to you; and when that hope is meaningful and substantive, it becomes a necessary bridge between endurance and inspiration that allows you to hang on to dear life.

Evocative hope gives you time to learn, to achieve something meaningful or to experience something wonderful in the moments in-between. 

For this gift of extra, I hope you never lose it, infinite evocative hope.

* “We must accept finite disappointment, but never lose infinite hope” – Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

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