Thursday, April 25, 2024


Let's not quibble over the mundane.  

The wider and broader big picture concepts of visionary purpose must come first and be aligned to the holy, Holy Spirit; because these visions ensure creativity and innovations in prosperity and peace.

If the end result is chaos, depravity and destruction of economy, people and humanity (in the utter decimation of prosperity and peace), then the process resulting in this type of harm is faulty.

It does not matter the type of Caesar government formed, if the foundation on which the process is determined is faulty, oppressive or corrupt then the system will in time degrade and become unsustainable; and the continuous collusion in depreciating and harmful practices will only result in more losses of economy, assets and the deprivation of humanity.

Tripping on the power to abuse or oppress in coercion or force does not contribute to the overall well-being of the people, culture or society as the abuse creates more harm by diverting valuable resources not to innovations of prosperity and infracture to build up the economy and society, but to the siphoning off of wealth to weapons of war and destruction, the fostering of grandiose lies and faulty beliefs in propaganda of delusions of grandeur, thus never seeing the decays, bleeding dry of the economy and threats from constant doubling down on liabilities and corruption; and never seeing the inner intangibles of love, kindness, empathy needed for enlightenment and innovations in prosperity and peace.

The spinning of lies cannot overcome the reality of truth in crimes against humanity and the broken system of practice, justice, business and economy.

Cannibalizing remaining assets to pay for unsustainable war crimes against humanity is not a viable long term solution for prosperity or supremacy, but rather crumbled pieces of weakness in the inferiority of destruction, depression and depravity.

Only by turning away from negative patterns of unholy corruption in abuse of power and depressively depraved, indecent and destructive practices can one hope to gain a foothold in enlightenment and inspirations in innovations, prosperity and peace.

Without sustainable practices in non-aggression, integrity and prosperity, there will not be any innovations in prosperity and peace, rather corruption and abuse of power in weapons of war and economic depression and destruction.

Therefore, the focus should not be on the trappings of power, material wealth in greed, abuse of power and corruption, but on the nurturing of talent and defending and protecting from harm, oppression and aggression that would destroy the people and freedoms that would allow for innovation, prosperity and peace.

  Remember to honor and thank the fallen heroes that gave their lives for freedom and democracy.   May their sacrifices not be in vain.  Let...