Sunday, February 18, 2024



I cringe in embarrassment for the abusive coward that constantly bash and stone people who he considers to be weak, such as women, immigrants and minorities, while at the same time, kowtow like a slave to foreign adversaries and autocrats.  

When he, as a supposed leader, should be defending America, Europe and democracy against dangerous and imminent threats of destructive harm.

I find a similar level of embarrassment for those that support this type of cowardice, dishonor, corruption and abusive behaviors.

The disdain I have multiplies each time I hear about the murder of heroes, children and the innocent people of Ukraine.  

Because each time the crimes against humanity go unanswered, the coward in ignorance, emboldens the perpetrator to continue and commit more atrocious and heinous crimes.  

I do not want to be part of such cowardice and dishonor.  

And if we are to maintain our standing in the world, we have to stand for bravery, integrity and fidelity with our Allies and protect the vulnerable, innocent people of Ukraine; and defend Europe and ourselves (because I do not believe this unholy crime against humanity ignoramus will stop at just Ukraine when his real target is the West) from imminent threat of death and destruction.

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