Sunday, December 3, 2023


There are no correlations between positivity and negativity.

"Positivity refers to the quality or state of being positive. 

It encompasses an optimistic outlook, constructive thinking, and a focus on favorable aspects of life. 

When we exhibit positivity, we engage in positive behaviors, experience positive emotions, and approach challenges with resilience and hope. 

It’s not merely a trait but an intentional practice that contributes to our well-being and interactions with others."*

Negativity "refers to the quality or state of being negative. 

It encompasses a negative outlook, negative thinking, and a focus on unfavorable aspects of life.

When we exhibit negativity, we engage in negative behaviors, experience negative emotions and approach challenges with pessimistic outlooks and at times hopelessness. 

It’s not merely a trait but an intentional practice that encompasses an attitude which considers only the bad qualities in people and in life."**

Positivity and negativity are polar opposites.  

When we are positive we generate positive energy or positive qi; 

And when negative we generate negative energy or negative qi polar opposites.

When we practice positivity, we produce positive karma; and when we practice negativity, we produce negative karma.

The same concepts occur when we practice spirituality. 

Sowing good deeds with grace and reverence for the sacred, produces holy spiritual energy. 

Casting stones and committing sins of disrespect and dishonor for the Lord's creations, produces unholy energy.

There are no correlations between holy and unholy.  

They are polar opposites.

One leads to salvation and the other leads to damnation.  

Therefore, it is unreasonable, unrealistic and nonsensical to think that torture and abusive and sinful practices which are negative and sinful will turn into something positive or lead to salvation.

A person practicing positivity and spirituality has nothing to do whatsoever with another person practicing harm and sins.  

It is completely delusional to think controlling someone through negativity will result in any kind of positive or inspirational ideas.  

Crimes, corruption and sins are damning. 

And the practice of harm, abuse and torture are sins and crimes against humanity.  

The outcomes of those kinds of unholy practices are negative, destructive and damning by its very nature.  

Do not conflate and confuse positivity with negativity, grace with sins, salvation with damnation or one person's talents or actions with another.

Muddling or whitewashing the truth does not change the facts or what transpired.  

Once an action is taken, positive or negative, the Rubicon is crossed towards either positivity or negativity, holy or unholy.  

Those actions taken are marked upon the character and soul of the person and cannot be changed by words alone.  

If one has sinned, the one has to embark upon the process of redemption in order to cleanse and be once more upon the path of "the Way, the Truth and the Life"*** salvation.

*Quote from chat on Microsoft Bing**vice versa.

***John 14:6

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