Saturday, May 14, 2022

Better Angels



Yes, it may be hard for you to believe, but the Lord is proactive in people's lives.

But not in a meddling way or selfish way.  

In a way that constantly appeals to your better angels with the Holy Spirit.

Willing you to be instruments of love and peace, not weapons of hate, greed and destruction. 

Unfortunately, much like true prophets the way of the holy often goes unheeded and unheard.  

People block the Holy Spirit with the sheer force of their desires, wants and dreams.  

When saying a prayer, how many ask for what they want from the world, like a dream job, winning a contest, more money, etc.?  

How many when saying a prayer, seek guidance from the Holy Spirit, ask for what is really needed to get a dream job or be a winner in life, such as bravery, endurance, inspiration, empathy, understanding, healing, compassion, etc? 

Just because a person is insensitive or unable to feel the will of the Holy Spirit, to notice our better angels, it does not mean that better angels are not there; working through people and helping people become better versions of themselves.  

  When threats go unheeded, tragedy strikes, especially when brothers are turned against brothers and friends against neighbors. So many peo...