Friday, February 25, 2022


Do you imagine that the Lord has the lowest level of standards of ethics or the highest?

Do you realize that ministers are supposed to be holy servants of the Lord? (The operative word being holy, not unholy and not a corrupted mix of so- called good and bad and definite unholy.)

The false preachings of compromised ministers to accept sin and sinful behaviors, because we are all supposed to be sinners (by definition ones who sin against humanity and the Lord), are unholy and against the actual teachings of Christ.  

Yes, we are all capable of sin; however, Jesus Christ died on the cross for our sins and we are not to give footholds to sin or practice sin(s) and hate of any kind.  

Sin and sinful practices and behaviors are not to be excused.  

Sermons excusing sinful behaviors under the guise of forgiveness (or love or truth), cannot actually forgive sin(s), because the unrepentant in unholy practices of sins cannot receive forgiveness (or love or truth) or salvation.  

Forgiveness without redemption (remorse, confession, repentance and atonement) is not forgiveness; but a bypass of salvation altogether.  

Without real Christian practices and standards of ethics, means that we are not Christians at all.  

Therefore, the greatest commandments, to love the Lord and love thy neighbor as self, are commands (not suggestions) that must be obeyed without excuses, especially those lame excuses bypassing salvation altogether. 

What do you think the Lord's Judgement will be if you do not follow the Lord's commands and standards?  

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