Saturday, April 3, 2021

What Is Your Prediction?


Are you ready?  

The hour has come to take a deep dive into yourself and examine your character.  

I hear screaming, 😱, 😰.

Try to be honest.  

Do not worry.

Whatever you discover about yourself is between you and your maker.  

For this to work, you must remove any trappings which may have hooked you into the mundane, superficial, temptation and imagined power and control.  

In other words, let go.  

Let go of the hooks and traps into the vain, shallow, materialistic, powerful, snobbish or sinful.  

Pull them out.  

What remains are your true colors.  

Are you honorable?  

Are you kind? 

Are you considerate?  

Do you have integrity? 

Do you have bravery?  

List your positive and negative attributes of character. 

Now, you have an idea of how the Lord will Judge you.  

The disparity between the mask you present to the world, your hang-ups, hooks and trappings of indulgence or sins and the real you is the disparity or distance between you and the Lord.  

If the disparity is great, then you know you have much work to do to repent and atone.  

If there is no disparity, then you have a good connection to who you are and who the Lord is willing you to be.  

Why is it important to realize whether you have a disparity or distance with your true self and the Lord?

Yes, it is a predictor of your salvation or not salvation.  

Therefore, take the time to measure your disparity, the distance between you and the Lord.  

Use the Lord's Measurement (ethics and standards) to determine the level of your character, level of your goodness.  

What is your prediction of your salvation?  

Thank You

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