Thursday, March 4, 2021

Greed Of Power Is A Form Of Idolatry


Let us study the scripture passage from a few days ago,

"You may be sure that no one who is immoral, indecent, or greedy (for greed is a form of idolatry) will ever receive a share in the Kingdom of Christ and of the Lord."

                                        - Ephesians 5:5

Why is greed a form of idolatry?  

Idolatry is a worship of idols to the levels of extreme excess and godlike.  

Greed is the worship of money, wealth and things of Caesar to all consuming excess.  

Why are the two considered the same capital sin, greed?

Greed is the desire and a wanting of more and more of something, never being satiated and overshadowing all else, including relationships with everyone and the Lord. 

The capital sin of greed can cover more than just material wealth. It can also cover the greed for power.  

In Shakespeare's Macbeth, after witches predict that Macbeth will become king, his desire to fulfill the prophecy in his greed for power consumes him and causes him to kill for power.  

His insatiable greed for power caused him to do anything for power and it led to his rise and also his downfall (when he misinterpreted the witches prediction and having false sense of security in knowing of the future, he went after the wrong person and ignored the reality of what was happening around him until it was too late).  

Shakespeare's Macbeth is a cautionary tale of the capital sin of greed for power, of how the greed for power corrupts.  

The greed for any kind of power is a capital sin.  

Do not let any idol convince you otherwise.  

"Do not let anyone deceive you with foolish words; it is because of these very things that the Lord's anger will come upon those who do not obey him."                
                                            - Ephesians 5:6

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