Sunday, January 3, 2021



Braving the truth and taking responsibility for

one's own actions (without blaming innocents)

are vital characteristics of having integrity, 

honesty, self-control and empowerment.  

Because deflecting the blame, ignoring the 

problems, sin(s) and responsibility, gives up 

self-contol and self-determination by giving 

into and feeding delusions and illusions of 

grandeur, power of sin(s) or wishful thinking 

not based reality.

Problems are never addressed and fixed, sins 

never confessed, repented and atoned for and 

character weaknesses and flaws never 

corrected or improved upon.  

The lies, problems and negative consequences 

grow, because no real and effective strategies 

are ever developed (in reality to help or 

address the situation). 

To mask the negative weaknesses and flaws of 

character and negative consequences,

exponential increases in abuses of power and 

transference of self-loathing and hate into 

blaming victims and scapegoats, becomes 

common place. 

As the increasing losses of character, self-

esteem and negative consequences mount in 

the lies told to self and others (in the self 

proclaimed, manipulated or ill gotten "wins" of 

grandeur thru lies, fraud and sabotage), 


blame-shifter sinner is doomed to repeat this 

vicious cycle of abuses with increasing losses 


self-contol and empowerment, blame, sins and

shame or self-loathing, until she or he braves 

truth, takes responsibility for one's own 

actions and confess, repent and atone for sin(s).

Why call out this patterns of bad behaviors,

misconducts and sins?  

Because New Year resolutions are useless 

without the will to first brave the truth and 

face yourself.

Because heaven and salvation will not be 

possible for blame-shifter sinners without 

redemption; the will to first brave the Truth, 

face the Lord, confess, sins, repent and 


Why have standards fallen so low? Where is the sense of honor and duty? There is no win or salvation in the shame of dishonor and indecency....