Monday, January 11, 2021

Who's To Know?


Why ask the question, who's to know? 

Don't you know? 

The future?  

Are you not the ones that stated you can predict the future?

How then can you not know? 

Believe it or not, the future is determined not in the future, but in the here and now.  

If you mess up today, it will still be messed up tomorrow, until you clean it up.  

In the course of human events, whether we rise or fall, depends upon whether we make wise choices or not.  

I know there is the inclination to look upon the precipice of the unknown with fear and bleakness, after all we have all been there, in some form or another.  

But fear is not a good choice, nor is it a wise choice.  

We will never move out from under fear or the problems caused by fear by choosing fear;

Nor avoid fear by acting out our fears in, out of control misconduct, abuse of power or violence.  

Perhaps in order to see clearly or better, ask what  kind of legacy would be left for our children, if we leave it a mess.  

If we cannot wisely overcome the challenges, how can they? 


Why have standards fallen so low? Where is the sense of honor and duty? There is no win or salvation in the shame of dishonor and indecency....