Monday, June 22, 2020

Ultimate Goal


The point to life is to learn how to be the best steward on earth, to pass every tests of character, be the best person you can be and to meet the Lord's expectations, so that on Judgment Day, you can enter heaven.  

If you cannot meet the Lord's standards of conduct and fail every test of character, how can you have an expectation of salvation? 

Jesus Christ stated that if you are unholy, his response on Judgment Day  will be to get away from Him.

Throughout your lifetime, there will be many tests of character and on different attributes. 

There are multiple chances to pass.  If you fail the first time or many times, as long as you repent and atone in time, you will pass that particular test.  

Of course, there are varied attribute tests and dufficult for some to pass all.  But not difficult to try to do better each time.  

Remember, the ultimate goal is salvation.  

What you have to do to achieve it, is up to you and ultimately the Lord.

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