Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Escape Room


Do you sometimes feel as if you are stuck in an escape room (a room where you are locked in with a team and in the time alloted, you need to find clues to puzzles in order to escape), with some other team that has questionable escape abilities?

Well, I do.

But regardless of the team and ability, now is the time to work together to find clues to escaping our predicament in time.

By working together, I mean listening to the wisest person in the room.

I know you have some grandiose people thinking that super power means omnipotence, but against mother nature and pandemic problems, those super ignorant unholies are but tiny grains of sand. 

Besides, grandoise beliefs in omnipotence is not the same as having omniscience. 

But, I digress.  

We all know by now someone's track record or will know, as time will out the truth, of a person's work, ethics, character, ability and competence. 

If we are honest, we can tell the real heroes from the pretend ones and the hypocrites.

And we should know what to do when stuck in a escape room type scenario with our real world problems; work our way through the problems and with the person capable of solving the puzzles or problems.

We should be methodical in our approach and remain calm.  

Together with the wisest person, we can escape this predicament, but it will take a lot of problem solving and cooperation from every team is needed.

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