Friday, March 20, 2020

Second Opinion


Why would you think that you are saved or damned?

Why would a minister know of the Lord's Judgement?

The truth is no one knows for sure of the Lord's Judgement, but can venture educated guesses based upon empirical evidence and a person's character.  

But still, no one knows the true state of your soul, except for you and the Lord.

I would caution you not to place too much value upon the opinion of false ministers that would groom their flock into tempation and sin.

Those unholy ministers or priests that commit sexual harrassment and abuse of another person or minors are nothing, but unholy dishonorable perpetrators with absolutely no moral authority to preach the Lord's Word or give an opinion on final Judgement or any Judgement.

If you believe their lies, then you might be tempted into similar fates of impure hearts and unclean minds.

Though you may not know the Lord's Judgement, I ask you, do you think Heaven is a place for the unholy, the sinners? 

Or does the place for sinners sound more like Hell?  

If you do not agree, you can always get a second opinion and use your best judgement (hopefully not groomed).

Thank You

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